Welcome to the Weiz Guys

Elevate your homebrew by becoming a member of the best AHA-sanctioned club in Colorado! Interact with pro-brewers and award-winning homebrewers at every meeting. Participate in our quarterly club-only competitions and the largest local competition in the state, Sweetheart’s Revenge. You can take advantage of these perks (and others not listed), increase your knowledge of the trade, and support the club by becoming a member. Membership costs $15.00 for individuals and $10 for additional family members.

Membership can be purchased below using PayPal or by contacting club leadership directly.

Join now by filling out the form below. You will be taken to a separate page to process PayPal payments after submitting.

Liability Waiver:
I understand my participation in this group is entirely voluntary, that participation in club activities involves the consumption of alcoholic beverages, and this consumption may affect my perception and reactions. I accept sole responsibility for my conduct, behavior, and actions. Further, I indemnify, release, and forever hold harmless the Weiz Guys Home Brewing Club, its officers, volunteers, and individual members of any responsibility for my conduct, behavior, and actions leading to property damage or injury I may cause to myself or others. This release shall bind all my heirs, successors, and assigns.

By signing below, I acknowledge the following:
• I am of legal drinking age in the State of Colorado
• I have read and understand this application, and agree to all terms outlined above in the liability waiver
• I have read and understand the Weiz Guys Club by-laws

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